Elemental Affects Yarn

Elemental Affects Shetland fingering-weight yarn is a 100% American product. The Shetland sheep are raised and sheared in Montana;  Jeane de Coster, the owner of Elemental Affects, goes there once a year to supervise the sorting of the fleeces. The many natural shades of yarn are scoured lightly using solar power and a simple detergent and then they are spun at a California mill.

Jeane dyes the yarn in small batches. Because Jeane dyes on the natural sheep’s color bases (not bleached bases, as most companies do), each shade has an extra depth to it that gives it a very special character.

I have successfully used Elemental Affects yarns in the same pattern with Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift. They have a slightly different hand—Elemental Affects yarn is ever-so-slightly smoother than Spindrift.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Because the colors are dyed over natural bases in small batches, there is a very large difference between dyelots–much more variability than you would normally expect. For this reason, you have to order enough yarn for your needs at a single time. If you are swatching for a large project, let me know so I can fill your order with a dyelot that can work for you.


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