Peru 2019


October 21-November 1, 2019

Last year I had the opportunity to tour Peru on a fiber trip organized by Jim Petkiewicz. I was totally enthralled by the landscape and the colors and the people I met there! Peru has a deep and complex textile tradition that offers a lifetime of inspiration.

Jim and I are offering the Peru trip again in 2019. We’ve combined the things I loved best with the deep knowledge he has of the country to make an itinerary that brings traditional and modern Peru to our travelers: natural dye class at the Center for Traditional Textiles; an 8-course meal at Mil, emphasizing traditional, local foods in a modern setting; Machu Picchu, which is as awesome in person as you might imagine; a trip into the Andes to visit the weavers, spinners, and dyers in a small village; and much more. For the full itinerary please click HERE.

If you want to expand your horizons I can’t recommend this trip enough!