Baby Jacket & Blanket



By Elizabeth Zimmermann

When issues of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Wool Gathering magazine went out of print, she re-formatted them as single-sheet, black & white flyers called Spun Outs. Spun Out #43 Baby Jacket and Blanket includes the pattern for a darling wrap-front baby jacket (plain or striped), an ingenious baby hat with shoulder flange (tuck under the coat or jacket to keep the baby’s neck warm!), and an inviting lace-edged garter stitch blanket that can be stretched severely to make a shawl. All knit in lovely Shetland wool.

The blanket calls for 8 oz of wool, the jacket takes 3 oz, and the hat 2 oz. (Remember: Shetland yarn is now sold in 25 g balls, just shy of a full ounce!)


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