Beginner’s Fair Isle Cap Pattern



Designed by Janine Bajus

The Beginner’s Fair Isle Cap pattern was designed to introduce the Fair Isle curious to stranded knitting using traditional motifs and yarn. If you have always wanted to try but weren’t sure where to start, this pattern is for you!

The pattern includes four 6-color designs (yarn packs are available for each colorway):

  • Blue: Natural White,** Eesit,** Moorit,* Teviot,** Atlantic,* Highland Mist***
  • Raspberry: Natural White,** Pebble,** Foxglove,*** Damask,* Lime,** Loganberry*
  • Natural: Shetland Black,** Shaela,*** Sholmit,* Natural White,** Eesit,** Mooskit*
  • Green: Sphagnum,*** Grouse,** Oyster,** Ivory,* Chartreuse,* Crimson**

Yarn quantities required:
* less than 22 yards
** less than 50 yards
*** 1 ball

Because knitters new to stranded knitting can struggle with their gauge at first, this cap is designed to be knit at any gauge from 26 to 30 stitches per 4” (10cm).

Tips on reading charts, needle choice, and changing colors are included.

The Beginner’s Fair Isle Cap was specifically created for a class; if you would like to use this for classes, please contact me for bulk pricing. Teachers can get a free revised set of instructions for workshop situations here.

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