Beginner’s Fair Isle Cap Yarn Pack



The Beginner’s Fair Isle Cap pattern was written for 4 different color ways:

  • Blue: Natural White, Eesit, Moorit, Teviot, Atlantic, Highland Mist
  • Raspberry: Natural White, Pebble, Foxglove, Damask, Lime, Loganberry
  • Natural: Shetland Black, Shaela, Sholmit, Natural White, Eesit, Mooskit
  • Green: Sphagnum, Grouse, Oyster, Ivory, Chartreuse, Crimson

Each yarn pack contains 4 balls of Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift and 2 mini skeins. Please note that there is no yarn to spare from the mini skeins, so don’t leave really long ends when you change colors!

The pattern is not included with the yarn pack; please see the pattern page to download the pattern.


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Blue, Raspberry, Natural, Green

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