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Yarn packs are collections of 12 shades of Jamieson’s Spindrift Shetland yarn that I have assembled. Each colorway includes some lights, darks, and medium values and can be used in a myriad of different ways. If you have been afraid to try designing your own Fair Isle knitted project the yarn packs are a good starting point!

Please note that the yarn packs do not include a pattern or instructions.

Limited quantities are available; I make them in batches of 10, depending on yarn availability. I’ll be discontinuing some color ways and adding new ones as my imagination takes me!

Each yarn pack contains 12 balls of Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift 100% Shetland fingering weight wool; 25g/115yds.

There is more than enough yarn in a yarn pack to knit 6 or 7 hats; however, there is not enough yarn in a pack to knit an entire vest or sweater—you will need to purchase a few more balls if you are planning to knit a garment, but you won’t know which ones until you’ve made your design decisions. I do not sell yarn but can refer you to other vendors.

Please note that if you sign up for the garment workshops through STITCHES your yarn pack is included in your registration and you don’t need to order another one here.

Color ways that might be available at any given time:

  • Fresco: A faded wall painting inspired this collection of faded greens, blues, and golds.
  • Oil Slick: Cool blues shimmer against yellow-greens and golds
  • Earth & Sky: Classic blues and browns reflect the expansive midwestern sky above newly ploughed fields
  • Faded Carpet: My dining room rug was the inspiration for the turquoises, golds, orange-reds, and blue reds in this colorway.
  • Seashore: Turquoises and yellow-oranges evoke a Hawaiian beach.
  • Fall Leaves: A clear blue sky sets off the crimson, orange, purple, gold, and green of fall leaves
  • Meadow: Red-violets glow against bright yellow-greens.
  • Autumn: A walk through the moody heathery golds and greens of an autumn moor.
  • Mixed Berries: Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries—a fairly dark collection of pinks, purples, and blue-violets.
  • Copenhagen: Golds and grayed blues.
  • Beachcombing: The Pacific ocean in winter: water and spume, wet and dry sand, seaweed, glistening mussel shells, and the remains of a small crustacean.
  • Renaissance: A range of corals and aquas plus neutrals inspired by Botticelli paintings.
  • Naturals: A collection of natural whites, fawns, moorit, Shetland Black, grays, plus traditional madder red and two indigo blues.
  • Greg’s Chickens: This versatile set of golds, red-oranges, olive, and grays  was inspired by a double-yolked egg laid by Greg’s chicken! (Thanks to Greg Cotton for this colorway.)
  • Paprika: A moody collection of oranges, purples, and golds with a pop of bright pink.
  • Hydrangea: The potted hydrangea outside my kitchen door inspired this set of beautiful blues and blue-violets alongside pinks and leafy greens.

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Oil Slick, Fall Leaves, Meadow, Earth & Sky, Fresco, Faded Carpet, Seashore, Autumn, Mixed Berries, Copenhagen, Beachcombing, Renaissance, Naturals, Hydrangea, Gregs Chickens, Paprika