Luna Hat




A snippet of poetry* captured my attention and demanded to be knit: 

           “Even in all its phases the moon is still whole.”

The Luna Hat is knit in the round using 6 shades of Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift fingering-weight yarn; only two colors are used each round. The moon’s phases circle the hat on a ground of deepest blues: new, crescent, quarter, gibbous, and full. Frequent trapping in the moon rows creates texture. 

The Luna Hat has a loose, slightly slouchy fit with a flattened top that can be styled several different ways. The top of the hat also can be blocked to hold a classic, rounded cap shape. I’ve included an alphabet chart so you can insert any words you like.

*Sadly, I do not know who wrote this. I heard it on an episode of Making the Cut (season 1).

This pattern is available as a digital download from Ravelry. Clicking the Buy Product link will take you there.