Feral Knitter

July 2021

July is my birthday month, so I tend to think back over the past year. What a time we’ve all been through! I’ve been to a few restaurants recently and it’s easy to forget that 12 months ago they were shuttered; I go to the grocery store when I need something, rather than once a week (masked and gloved) during “senior shopping hours.” My heart breaks for all the people who have not made it to this time, and I’m very aware that it is very possible that we will have to retreat yet again—but I am also reveling in a sense of hope!

My approach to Fair Isle knitting is modern and very personal; my goal is to share my deep appreciation for this type of knitting and to help you develop the confidence to plunge into this world of color and pattern.

What’s New this Month

I’m offering my Fair Isle Tam: How Color Is Used in Fair Isle Knitting 6-hour workshop in July! This class walks you through how to arrange colors and values to achieve that magical effect we see in Fair Isle knitting—you work with a pre-selected set of 8 colors so there’s no worry about choosing color.

The last time I was in Peru we spent a day at the Center for Traditional Textiles in Chinchero, where we learned how to use natural dyes. I came home with 22 oz of beautiful fingering weight yarn—but what to make with such a precious collection of colors? I designed a wrap—the Peru Shawl—to showcase these yarns, or any precious yarns you have. This pattern is perfect for using up stash, because you can mix colors and textures to your heart’s content.

The Iceland trip scheduled for September 2022 sold out in 24 hours—but we suddenly have an opening for a spot in a shared room. Please contact me if you are interested!

My 2022 is schedule is pretty much set at this point—mostly events and trips that have been postponed from 2020! I’m not planning to do much in-person teaching in the future, but the good news is that I’m going to expand my online class offerings.

My newsletter is where you will get the most current information about teaching and travel and new patterns, so please sign up if you haven’t already!

Enjoy all the colors!



In 2003 I was setting up a Fair Isle color study sub-group of the Seattle Knitters Guild. A non-knitting friend, overhearing the discussion, asked me, apprehension thick in her voice, “Janine, WHAT is a feral knitter?” The name stuck. A feral knitter is someone who loves color knitting, playing with color combinations and garment shapes, and learning about construction and fit.