Redbud Vest


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A photo of blooming pink redbud and white cherry branches arranged on a steel table inspired this design. Pink is such a flattering color to most complexions, and I wanted to create a design for adults that showcased a beautiful range of pinks moderated by grays and reddish-browns. 

The Redbud Vest is a classic V-neck garment with waist shaping and optional shapped shoulders. It is knit in the round; steeks are added to create openings for the armholes and the neck. Instructions for how to set up and cut the steeks are included in the pattern. Eleven shades of Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift yarn are used, but in true Fair Isle fashion only two are used in a round. 

This pattern was originally published by Simply Shetland, the North American distributors of Jamieson’s of Shetland yarns. I have made a few changes to how the pattern is presented, I restored the original charts for the bands, and added more information about setting and cutting steeks; otherwise this digital version is the same as the previously available print version.

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