Starburst Shawl Pattern


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The Starburst Shawl is a bold and exuberant design! The colors were inspired by a photograph of magic lilies–the 16 shades are used in wide bands in the large (112 stitches square!) motif. However, it would look stunning in indigo blue & white or dark sheep’s gray & cream, or whatever 2-color combination you choose.

The shawl is knit in the round from the point upwards in a giant cone that you cut open to reveal a triangle. Borders are knit on to hide the steeks.

The size of the motif presents some challenges. The chart is split into 6 parts–you knit to the center and then reverse gear.¬†You will need to trap some long carries, and the chart is impossible to memorize. On the other hand, it’s fun to knit something complex without worrying about fit issues.

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