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Adventure in PERU! Join me in October 2019 for a colorful journey through a vibrant textile tradition. Natural dye workshop, weaving lessons, and lots more. Learn more here.

February 2019

The North Island Hat pattern is now available.

Inspired by late August on Unst, the northernmost inhabited island of the Shetland archipelago. Treeless green and gold hills. Water on every side, changing colors from moment to moment. Heather turning to rust, leaving just a memory of purple flowers.


A recent visit to an exhibit of the pre-Raphaelite artists inspired the ivy-coated Kelmscott Hat.

June 2018

By popular request I’ve designed a hat based on the Salmon Coming Home Vest–the Cordova Cap. Now available as a Ravelry download.

February 2018

Storm Over Taos is another in my series of designs based on landscapes that I love! Click here to learn more.

January 2018

The Salmon Coming Home vest pattern is now available!