Classes I Offer

I offer a number of different classes in Fair Isle and other stranded knitting subjects. For all classes, I bring a complete set of Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift, some 212 colors, for students to work with.

The Fair Isle Tam: How Color Is Used in Fair Isle Knitting

Fair Isle Yoke Sweaters

Mini–Fair Isle Yoke Sweater

Magic Ball: Serendipitous Color

Mini–Fair Isle Yoke Cardigan

Stranded Shawls Knit in the Round

Elegant Steeks and Bands

Tips to Improve Your Fair Isle Knitting

Choosing Colors for Fair Isle Designs: Working from a  Source of Inspiration (1.5- or 2-day class)

Design Your Own Fair Isle Sweater (3- or 4-day class)

Design Your Own Fair Isle Vest (3-day class)

Fair Isle Techniques

  • Crocheted steeks (and interesting things to do with steeks)
  • Invisible Stranding
  • Jogless jog
  • Effect of hand dominance
  • Increasing and decreasing in pattern
  • Shaped shoulder in the round (and general notes on adjusting shoulder lines)

Please contact me for full class descriptions if you are interested in having me teach at your guild or shop!